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True AI will be the last invention of the human brain and once invented it will invent everything else

Decoding No-Code AI: Why Is No-Code AI Gaining Popularity?


No-code (or low-code) AI is the latest trend in the AI landscape. It aims to simplify technology for the non-coder. No-code AI makes use of no-code development platforms to deploy machine learning models which empower entrepreneurs to cut the traditional programmer out of the chain. This AI’s interface is mostly visual, code-free and has drag-and-drop …

Hearables – The Next Frontier for AI in Education and Productivity


The latest revolution in the in-ear wearable niche are “Hearables”. These, on the surface, look exactly like Wireless Headsets. But Hearables are much more than a pair of earbuds. Hearables are AI-powered, smart in-ear devices that make use of both microphone and earphones. Just like any headset, they can link you to music, uninterrupted calls, …

AI and Climate Change: The Advancements You Should Know About


An entity that can “sense their environment, think and learn to take actions in response to changes that align with their objectives” surely sounds too perfect to be human. And it is. What you just read is a description of Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI has grown significantly over the years to revolutionize almost every sphere …

4 AI Trends With Massive Implications to Watch in 2021


2020 was the year when AI truly started to live up to its hype. It helped biotech researchers to analyze potential cures for the coronavirus. Governments relied on it for matters of public safety like contact tracing. Businesses struggling with lockdown measures used it to augment their workplaces. All these applications are clear indicators of …

The Importance of AI in Combating Financial Crimes During A Pandemic


Money laundering and other financial crimes pose a significant risk to the stability of the global economy. Involving trillions of dollars, these illegal activities account for anywhere from 2% – 5% of the GDP of the international economy. They also carry a significant human cost – a lot of the money comes from activities like …

The Good, The Bad, and The (Very) Ugly of AI in Politics


As we get ever closer to true AI, the voices raising concerns against its potential dangers are growing louder as well. Influential individuals from diverse fields, like Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Nick Bostrom all caution against the risks of AI overtaking humans. Politics is probably the last arena where these brilliant minds would want …