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True AI will be the last invention of the human brain and once invented it will invent everything else

The Good, The Bad, and The (Very) Ugly of AI in Politics


As we get ever closer to true AI, the voices raising concerns against its potential dangers are growing louder as well. Influential individuals from diverse fields, like Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Nick Bostrom all caution against the risks of AI overtaking humans. Politics is probably the last arena where these brilliant minds would want …

AI in Space Science


Everything is connected. Space Science is that field of science that cherishes interconnections and interrelationships between the living essentials of life and our planet such as the land, ocean and air. It also establishes the theories and practicalities involving the intricate sub-components (water, carbon, rock) that influence the core living essentials of life, which help …

H+ Inc. – Decoding the Business Potential of Transhumanism


Evolution is something that creeps up on you over millions of years. We know quite a lot about our own evolutionary lineage, starting from sahelanthropus nearly six million years ago. So far, nature has been dictating the human evolutionary process. But there is a high degree of chance that the future of human evolution may …

When Siri Goes to Med School: The Implications of AI for Bedside Manners


Modern medicine has made some amazing strides in recent decades. But our modern healthcare system is a right old mess. We have issues regarding basic access, increasing costs, and of course, the political pinata that is universal coverage. Lost amidst all this din are smaller, yet still important aspects of healthcare like bedside manners for …