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True AI will be the last invention of the human brain and once invented it will invent everything else

Pumped about the rise of AI, but are we really ready?

01 Pumped about the rise of AI, but are we really ready

Now that Artificial Intelligence is no longer a buzzword and it became part of our lives (whether we are aware of it or not is a completely different topic), one thing is pretty clear: if you had to use movies as a metaphor for AI, ‘The Wizard of Oz’ would be a better one than the more obvious ‘Terminator’ series. Why? Because there is a human element in AI and irrespective of what most naysayers against automation are screaming, there will always be a need for brain and a heart. The inevitability of AI aside, the bigger question is are we ready for it as a society?

As the last two years have shown, the rise of AI and machine learning also means a meteoric rise in disinformation, or how it is usually referred to ‘fake news’.

Russian disinformation campaigns have played serious headache for European governments. They have managed to dump countless fakes, like Macron’s apparent support from the ‘gay lobby’, the rape of German girl by Arab immigrants, and even conspiracy theories about the Catalan independence referendum. Twitter and Facebook have failed in roping these stories in, or they have at best woken up too late to fix it. European countries have brought in the legislature to ensure people’s privacy in a way that AI combined with Big Data cannot manipulate the way narratives work.

Unfortunately, an unsaid rule is ‘Technology is too fast and government legislatures are too slow’.

When it comes down to tackling AI from being misused by those with ulterior motives, one way society can stay ahead of a curve, is to ensure 2 things. First, people need to be educated on how much their lives are being quantified every day and to have an option to opt out of that when they want. Secondly, the state and data guzzling big shots, like Google and Facebook, that extensively depend on AI, need to work together to ensure that new social laws are implemented so that the lack of jobs created by upsurge of the AI and automation does not create a downward spiral for more than half the world’s population.

And it’s not like jobs have stagnated – new roles are being created, roles like Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, Business Intelligence Developer, etc. that help keep the cogs of AI well-oiled, together with those that do not exist at the moment and will be created in future together with the rise of AI.

This will lead in much smother leap into the next step of tech innovation, like the AI is.

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