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Facing an AI Job Interview? Here Is How You Can Ace It!

In most science fiction involving AI, it is often the humans who are interviewing the robots to see if they pass variants of the Turing test. But in our crazy reality, these days it is the AI who are asking the hard questions to us human!

Big companies like Unilever, JP Morgan, and Goldman Sachs have been successfully using AI to interview potential job candidates for several years now. With more and more AI firms entering the arena of recruiting and HR, this trend is certain to revolutionize the way we hire employees in the near future.

AI Recruiters Are Here to Stay

The rise of companies like HireVue, Triplebyte, Tazia, and Mya in recent years show that there is a real market out there for AI services in HR and recruiting. Firms are often forced to spend a lot of time and resources to recruit the right kind of talent.

AI algorithms can cut down both the time and expenses involved, and have the potential to identify the best-suited candidates for the job out of a crowded field. And even more promising is the fact that AI can be programmed to remove biases that can creep in when a human recruiter is involved.

Practice, Practice, and Then Some More

Virtually all candidates who sit through an AI interview for the first time in their lives are left feeling uneasy. You basically have to stare into a camera while answering questions from a robot/chatbot. The lack of a human at the other end can feel quite alienating and impersonal.

If you want to ace an interview in these conditions, you have to be at your comfortable best.  Practice your video performance over and over, preferably with a friend or relative to help you out. Talking to a machine will obviously feel odd, so try to focus on removing that strangeness.

Convince the Machine, Don’t Become One!

The algorithms used in these interviews often have a database of body language cues from productive individuals to compare yours with. If you bank too much on rehearsed replies and a “robotic” delivery, that is not going to impress the AI.

You have to highlight the positive, human aspects that you can bring to the company. Smiling is good, and don’t be too conservative about it. Slight exaggeration can actually help the AI identify the patterns in the video better!

The Devil Is in the Details – Audio, Video, Attire

In these interviews, everything hinges on your making a positive impression in the live video feed. Ensure that you have a stable internet connection, and above all, a decent camera. Dress appropriately for the session, just as you would for a real job interview in person.

A lot of the focus during an AI interview is on your face, so avoid wearing bright and light clothes that may wash out facial details. Also, choose your recording area wisely with regards to lighting and acoustics. Stay away from rooms with loud traffic or other distracting background noises.

Ace It

Acing an AI interview is not rocket science, nor is it about gaming the system somehow. You cannot fluke your way into a job by fooling an AI! The algorithms focus on nearly 25,000 different data points from your video interview, looking at everything from facial tics, to your vocal delivery, body language and more.

It is all about optimal preparation to project your best face towards the program. If you have the chops, you should receive a call back for the next step of the recruitment process. The key is avoiding the simple mistakes that can derail an interview.

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