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A for AIVA – The AI Musical Genius

Music brings people together. It always has. It always will. The ancient Egyptian civilisation, which has always been renowned to set benchmarks in the worlds of art and mystique had created harps and flutes in 4000 BCE. What’s more startling is, archaeologists have found primitive flutes made of bones and ivory 43,000 years ago. Music has not been the same ever since.

Today, thanks to technology, we no longer require any sort of physical instruments to create music. Everything that you need to create your best musical score is available on your laptop or mobile. Steve Lacy, American musician, singer-songwriter, and record producer composed and recorded the smash hit “PRIDE” with rapper, Kendrick Lamar, on his iPhone 6.

While making music has certainly gotten easier over the decades, there are still decisions to be made concerning the applications that you will want to pledge your skill to creating great music. A lot of the professional applications, though offer immense versatility, require you to spend a lot of time in the beginning to learn and understand its tedious workflows and immense technical specifications.

Now that the world has taken to the implementation of Artificial Intelligence in every facet of technology and interface possible, music has welcomed it to reward the process of composition. One of the first companies in the world to tap into the brilliance of Artificial Intelligence to create music is a company from Luxembourg called AIVA. Specialising in Classical and Symphonic music composition, AIVA creates high quality, personalised emotional soundtracks for films, video games, and commercials. AIVA is recognised by the music society, Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers of Music (SACEM), as the world’s first virtual composer.

AIVA is able to compose music based on deep learning algorithms (reading a large collection of existing works of classical music written by maestros such as Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart) and reinforcement techniques.

Music has evolved to an unimaginable degree. Whether a composer is able to compose music in the orthodox method using the actual instruments or behind a computer screen or in the studio, the main agenda of creating music has never changed, i.e. to alter perspectives and moods. That’s where AIVA makes it convenient and easier for you to create signature sounds that are very personal and relevant to the intended context, supercharging your creative process in your musical pursuit.

And that is just a beginning…

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