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AI and Climate Change: The Advancements You Should Know About

An entity that can “sense their environment, think and learn to take actions in response to changes that align with their objectives” surely sounds too perfect to be human. And it is. What you just read is a description of Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI has grown significantly over the years to revolutionize almost every sphere of our lives; what remains now is the biosphere. Climate Change and Earth Protection, to be more specific.

Let’s take a look at the upcoming advancements in AI that are set to fuel the fight against climate change that you should know about.

Climate Prediction

Researchers have developed AI systems that utilize deep learning to analyze dynamic schemes and simulate them to predict important weather phenomena with 89-99% accuracy. What this means is that AI can now identify tropical cyclones, weather fronts and atmospheric rivers.

Google’s “Nowcast” is an example of AI being used to predict weather patterns almost instantaneously. Google utilizes methods that make predictions based on radar data as a proxy for rainfall which explains the speed.

US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, NYU scientists, and Green Horizons are among the new innovators in the field of weather analyses and predictions.

Zero Waste

Resources being wasted is the first in-command to fuel climate change. And AI can help us prevent just that. Waste recognition software is being utilized to identify recycling potential by an AI startup group called Greyparrot. Similar intentions are reflected in the endeavors of WINT. WINT’s job is to detect and stop leaks at the site using Artificial Intelligence powered systems. It notifies the user of water leaks using intelligent real-time monitoring and automatically shuts it off to prevent further damage.

These startups use advanced predictive analytics to reduce waste.

Environmental Monitoring Using Drones

Drone surveillance of forests is a new avenue where Artificial Intelligence is starting to show promise. This technology uses advanced data sciences, artificial intelligence, and drone automation to detect lands that can be rehabilitated and restore biologically diverse ecosystems. Drones are also used to monitor vegetation. This, in turn, helps scientists understand how some of the largest forests are affected by climate change. Another startup from Finland uses drones to track industrial discharges. Most industries face two primary problems:

  1. Tracking where exactly their CO2 emissions come from, and 2nd
  2. Finding solutions that reduce those emissions with positive financial impact

Everimpact from France, Hypergiant from Austin Texas, OroraTech from Germany are some of the examples of startups that are pioneering this field.

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