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5 Ways AI Will Change Our World by 2050

AI already covers almost all aspects of the world. From self-piloted planes to chatbots in shopping websites, the reach of AI almost seems to be boundless. It’s surprising to think that AI knows where you spend your weekends but your mom doesn’t. And if that feels surreal to you, you’re in for a ride. Because we’re about to take a look at 5 ways how AI is about to change everything by 2050.


Speaking of your whereabouts on a weekend, your privacy has never been more at peril than now. But the same thing that raises these concerns is the same thing that shall solve them: AI.

Experts from the University of Southern California claim that AI’s  adaptability and affordability can almost entirely prevent identity thefts. These developments in cybersecurity will also keep people safer from terrorism and internet scams. The threats from malware-induced havoc may also be completely non-existent by 2050.


Multiple sources claim that you could easily have custom movies by 2050. Take that, Netflix!

What this means is that you could choose which virtual characters you’d want in your custom movie and then kick back with your loved ones and enjoy. While this might be damaging to Hollywood, there is an upside to it.

Scriptwriters could utilize AI to analyze their script and roughly broadcast the box-office performance this script might generate. There’s a good chance that Marvel already has got their hands on this technology, though.


This is going to be straight out of a sci-fi flick. AI in 2050 will be able to curate medicines for your exact DNA. That is crazy! Algorithms shall enable doctors to analyze a specific set of genes and customize their prescriptions according to the environment, lifestyle, and genes of their patients.


The self-driving cars’ industry is reaching new highs as we speak. It’s well expected that the Google Self Driving cars (which, by the way, are already being tested) will be commonplace in the next 30 years.

Aside from that, Boeing is developing autonomous jetliners and European cities already have functional driverless trains.


Lazy and don’t want to do the chores? AI to the rescue!

Well, jokes aside, it can be near impossible for full-time workers to gather the willpower to do their chores. AI that can clean windows, mow lawns and improve the overall hygiene of houses are being developed. There will exist AI that will learn your preferred room temperature, reach shelves safely, keep emergency kits ready and even have a backup supply of nutritious food.


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