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Decoding No-Code AI: Why Is No-Code AI Gaining Popularity?

No-code (or low-code) AI is the latest trend in the AI landscape. It aims to simplify technology for the non-coder. No-code AI makes use of no-code development platforms to deploy machine learning models which empower entrepreneurs to cut the traditional programmer out of the chain. This AI’s interface is mostly visual, code-free and has drag-and-drop features. These democratize AI and help non-technical users to analyze data and build accurate models according to their needs.

While AI has been the center of attention for almost a decade now, it is only now that No-Code is gaining traction and here is why

Liberating Business Users From Code

In 2021, despite programming skills being as important as knowing how to drive, it is fairly a rarity. Businesses all over the world often hire developers to help them find solutions that rely on technology for their companies. But this often doesn’t translate to the best outcomes. After all, a programmer understands coding logic, while a business analyst expert needs someone who understands, well, businesses. This mismatch is what No-Code is concerned with.

No-Code aimed to be this space where entrepreneurs (with little to no programming skills) can let their creativity flourish. And that is exactly why this AI is gaining notoriety among business users. Its drag-and-drop features are empowering hundreds of business experts, who understand more business than esoteric code, to prototype ideas.

Re-calibrating the Resources

Not only does the utilization of No-Code improve the quality of a certain class of tech solutions, but it also helps reallocate resources to those higher up on the priority list and here is what this means:

Businesses tend to have a gap between their needs and their available budget and resources. So when a business user is empowered to develop applications that can solve their local problems, it frees up (and increases) resources. These are the same resources that may be, now, allocated to solve more pressing issues within the organization.  

What the Future Holds

Though no company will really be complete without the traditional Developer and Data Scientist, No-Code AI will open several doors for the democratization of AI for many businesses. Low Code AI will increase accessibility and turn subject matter experts into Citizen Developers. This might introduce a change to the roles of the developer as their skill-set will then become significantly more accessible. However, no matter how low the barrier for developing applications gets, it is highly unlikely that having zero knowledge of programming languages will be sustainable. The knowledge gap between low-coders and high-coders might just prove to be detrimental in the long run.

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