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True AI will be the last invention of the human brain and once invented it will invent everything else

Five Evolutionary Trends That Will Change AI Deployment in 2019


2018 held many positives for AI research and development, along with a few low points as well. More and more businesses are embracing AI to improve their processes, while the consumer market is also seeing a lot of AI-powered devices, especially in the domain of the IoT. While the concept of AI has garnered mainstream …

Generation Mute: The Reason Why Chatbots Are Essential for Digital Marketing in 2019


Each generation in the modern era gets its name from a defining characteristic. For example, the Silent Generation were those who didn’t speak up or protest much, especially in the 1950s.  The Baby Boomers got the name because, well, their parents were busy making babies! Now we have a generation defined by the way they …

From Running Robots to Thinking AI: How Cognitive Robotics will Affect our Future


The bulk of robots in use across the world today are Industrial Robots. They are automated machines programmed to perform repetitive tasks, without high levels of intelligence or cognition. Moreover, they look nothing like the humanoid robots we see on movies because they don’t have to. There was no economic incentive in creating robot workers …

Proximity Technology: The Catalyst that turns your Business into Mr. Right-Place-Right-Time


“Location! Location! Location!” That was the mantra of brick and mortar retail businesses until suddenly the disruption called online shopping or e-commerce turned their world upside down. While two decades ago the key to success for a retail business was whether they opened their store at the right corners, now the debate has moved to …

One Room to Fit Them All – How DNA Data Storage will Change the World?


Tech companies are currently in the rat race they like to call “reaching the next billion” – users who are just about to connect to the internet thanks to the drop in prices of smartphones, computers and data plans. By 2025, they aim to reach the next three billions. As ambitious as that sounds, the …